Keith Kirk

Founder Motif Music

Keith Kirk has worked in the music business since 2008 specifically in the area of metadata. He has worked with companies such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, BMG, Kobalt, the International Copyright Enterprise, (Berlin, Germany), 21st Century Fox/National Geographic, TOVA Music Group, The November Society and PPLUK. The importance of music metadata cannot be understated; Metadata is the mechanism that the music business uses to track, trace and measure revenue generated from millions of copyrighted music. However, it is not relegated to music alone but metadata is key to the overall digital music strategy for any artist. “Your success in music is directly determined and proportionately predicated on the quality of your metadata” says Keith.
At the International Copyright Enterprise in Berlin, Germany I used the CISnet music copyright database to prepare works for music rights societies following reported usage. Central to this role involved assessing royalty shares and resolving counter claims between publisher and sub-publisher. Later, He worked in the Sales and Content Distribution department at 21st Century Fox based in London on a data project. Moving on to Sony Music Entertainment UK, he was able to use his previous skills and experience to support internal departments such as A&R Admin and Digi Ops through the creation of ISRCs, transferring physical label copy to the GRAS system for new digital releases.

Keith has a strong network of industry professionals in the US including multi-grammy
award winning producer Kevin Bond and business partner (Mother of Brandy
and Ray J) Sonja Norwood. Keith has previously hosted, presented and guested
on various webinars, taught and/or lectured at educational institutions such as
the Berklee College of Music, the University of the West Indies and the
University of the Southern Caribbean. Keith has two published works, one work
by the worlds largest sacred music publisher GIA Publications Inc and another
with a smaller music publisher, Swirley Music LLC.

In the winter of 2017 and summer of 2022 Keith recorded the entire original movie underscore for Marvel/Disney’s highly successful feature film Black Panther and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever with 24 London session singers at the famed Abbey Road Studios under the direction of Ludwig Goransson, John Ashton Thomas and Ken Burton – additionally providing background vocals for Rihanna’s single Lift Me Up. He holds a Bachelors in music from the University of Hertfordshire and a Masters in Music Business Management from the University of Westminster
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